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Fearless Flux: Friday, 11pm-4am, $10 adv or at door (included in $20 weekend pass), 21+

We take chances with experimental, explorative, exciting live multimedia performances and VJ sets.

Z Collective with ZGT,
"Put To Flight or: In The Land Of Nowhere Near"

Z Collective (formerly Zuvuya Collective) is a platform for experimental immersive performance art and installation, exploring the interaction and connections between art and the mundane through collaboration with other dance, theater and audio performance groups. Their work probes the realms of consciousness, societal structures and the inherent and uncharted psychogeography of three dimensional space.

Z Collective live performance pieces and installations have been featured at Smack Mellon, Anonymous Gallery, Aljira Contemporary Art Center, Flavorpill's One Step Beyond, Periferias Festival in Huesca, Spain, Art Tech Media in Cordoba, Spain and The Chelsea Art Museum. They have also created visuals for Dinosaur Jr., Flaming Lips, Dr. Dog, Zigmat and the infamous Love party at Andre Balazs' Hotel QT.

In The Land Of Nowhere Near: A 30 minute experiment in immersive cinema, exploring flight as both a state of being and a limbo place existing between destinations, using modern dance, improvised live sound, video footage and field recordings from Central America. The work is an attempt to recreate the subjective world of the contemporary backpacking pilgrim and investigates the barrier movement creates between those capable of flight and the immobile. Produced by Z Collective // Choreography by Jen Kosky // Video by Olga M and Christian Austin // Live audio by Doktor Gregory, Peter Principle and Zemi17 // Field recordings by Christian Austin.

ZGT is an ongoing collaboration begun by Peter Principle and Dok Gregory in 2007 for the realization of their shortwave radio as audio source album ZGT Radioprojekt. Undergoing a few transformations since then they have performed live as a duo playing prepared guitar and theremin/sampler/ISRS System, and as a trio with Zemi17 on midi sax/sampler. Previous multimedia collaborations with Z Collective include "Sleep Of Reason" at the Chelsea Art Museum and "Re-" at BPM.

Peter Principle was born in NYC in the early 50's and started as a drummer in garagebandland. He moved to San Francisco in the 70's, ending up spending over 30 years as bassist / sound designer / guitarist with Tuxedomoon, who moved together to Europe in 1981. He has released four solo records, made music for film and theater and has played on or recorded/produced many other artists work.

Dok Gregory has been composing/performing and recording experimental electronic music since 1983 and a member of NYC based audio/visual group Amoeba Technology from 1997 to the present. He has toured and performed in festivals throughout the United States, Europe, Russia and South America. Audio visual works have been featured in programs at the Forum Des Images in Paris, Basel Art Fair in Switzerland, The Kitchen and Lincoln Center in NYC, and elsewhere. Dok has also toured/worked extensively as a member of Silence Corporation, Psychic TV, Trance Pop Loops and Ransom Corps.

Philippe Garcesto, "The Spiral Dream"

Philippe Javier Garcesto is a NYC-based Filipino-American Multi-Disciplinary Artist who transforms and energizes each venue according to the essence of the performance piece.

He often performs as Diwang Ilaw ("Spirit of Light" in the Earth-rooted language of Tagalog): a holistic healer fusing the Babaylan techniques of Inner Dance with surgical lyrical barrages of Spoken Word Poetry. He summons the spirits of all humans living or dead, all creatures and plants, the Earth, and the Universe to flow through him to reawaken humanity to the collective power found within themselves as individual co-creators of our reality. He considers his art movement as Multi-Media Holistic Arts Activism designed to raise consciousness and awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and the Love that binds us all as One.

DJ Zemi17

Composer, musician and DJ Zemi17 creates some of the most unusual music you'll have ever heard on the dance floor. He sources his sounds from custom digital samples he's collected over the years like a vacationer does photographs.

He's sampled archaic electronics, ancient sacred gamelan orchestras, frogs from 4 continents, and insects from the rainforest to the desert. Sometimes the sounds are sampled live, then cut and layered as a sonic college. The sound sources are relayed through various digital and analog effect processors, then syncopated into multi-layered tapestries of sound that range in style from ethnic Indonesian and African traditions, to ambient soundscapes, and techno. Zemi can usually be found spinning his magic at the best underground parties in NYC, weaving an infectious groove that keeps the dance floor moving long after the sun has come up.

CHiKA, live VJ set

CHiKA is a live media artist working in the international VJ and experimental music scene. Her performances vary from minimalist geometric patterns to unique compositions overflowing with a variety of forms and color.

She has performed at The Museum of Modern Art, The Hammer Museum, Mutek, The Mapping Festival, Decibel, Platform Bohenstrasses, Théâtre Maisonneuve, Asia Contemporary Week, San Francisco Art Institute, Eyebeam, Monkeytown, The Issue Project Room, Galapagos Art Space, Tonic, Eyewash, as well as private parties, festivals, events, galleries and nightclubs.

Since CHiKA started performing live in the summer of 2004, she has become very active in the experimental music and video underground scene in NYC. She is a member of the Share community, a weekly multimedia open jam. Her work was featured Club Chroma on Joost and Eyewash 3 DVD by Forward Motion Theater. She is recently became a resident VJ at monthly event, "The future is beautiful."

Luminous Flux: a 3-day NYC video art event by Gemini & Scorpio at Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main St, Dumbo, Brooklyn